Tips for free time

There will be some moments where you will be free to do as you please...

...please find below some (non-exhaustive) suggestions for you :)


La Marinara

(Good fish, nice location and great people. Ask for Salvo and tell him I sent you)

Le Lumie

(Essentially the only fine dining option we have, super good and VERY reasonably priced)

Trattoria da Pino

(Family-run, no frills place, mainly frequented by locals. If they have it, ask for the lobster soup pasta.)

San Lorenzo 2.0

(If you fancy sushi, a nice location and a relatively good service)

Bars / Cafes

De Gaetano

(Quick lunch with "tavola calda" in a historical bar! Don't miss the almond milk still done with traditional methods)


(Best arancine ever. Order in advance because at lunch time there is always a queue)

Bar Oasi

(The ultimate decadence in both tavola calda, desserts and gelato)


(Historical gelato place in business since the 60s, we all grew up eating "bananette"!)



(Small, no-frills place with live music most nights)

Morsi & Sorsi

(Nice aperitivo, good selection of wine and beers)

Portale Botteghe

(A small but interesting selection of classic cocktails revisited with a Marsala twist, make sure you get the Marsala Mule!)

Salina Genna

(The classic sunset aperitivo overlooking the Stagnone)

Things to do / see in the city centre

Museo Baglio Anselmi

The wreck of the Punic ship of Marsala kept in the Archaeological Museum Baglio Anselmi in Marsala is the only existing Punic ship in the world!

Chiesa di San Giovanni

It's included in your ticket for Baglio Anselmi, ask explicitly for the museum guide to open it for you.

The story goes that a beautiful lady made a bargain with Apollo: in exchange for one night together she would get immortality... but she forgot to ask for eternal youth! She retreated in a cave where she eventually aged and wrinkled so much that she became a cicada, and then vanished. If you brought an offering to her well, she would bless your love life. The cave and the well were then used as a sacred site to build the Church of St. John. Until the 1950s unmarried girls from Marsala used to gather some polished stones in small embroidered satchels and bring them as an offering to the "Sibilla" during St. John's Day (June 24th).

Town Hall

Nice location to snap a quick Instagram!

Where do I go to the beach?

Lido Signorino

Lido Playa Blanca

Lido Marina

Spiaggia San Teodoro

Wine Tastings / Vineyards

Vineyard Tour @ Cantine Fina

Tasting @ Cantine Pellegrino

Marsala Tasting @ Cantine Florio

Enoteca Garibaldi