Day 1

Friday 22 July, 2022

7PM - 10PM

People arrive @ Palermo Airport

Self transfer to hotel, check in (ask for Giorgia)

7PM - 10PM

Dinner - FREE TIME

Please organize yourself for dinner as you please, as people will arrive at different times

10.30PM - 12AM

Welcome drinks

We will get a quick drink together in a TBC location (depending on the night, there might be live music in some places!)

Day 2

Saturday 23 July, 2022

10AM - 1PM

Let's go to the beach!

30 sunbeds have been booked @ Lido Playa Blanca - open starting from 9.30AM

1PM - 2PM

Lunch @ the beach

With arancine from Ragona, as requested ;)


Some more beach

30 sunbeds have been booked @ Lido Playa Blanca - open starting from 9.30AM

6PM - 8PM

Sunset aperitivo @ Le Cinque Palme

Self transfer to the aperitivo place

8PM - 10PM

Shower & getting dressed like bad bitches @ Hotel

(Bad bitch attire is compulsory)

10PM - 12AM

Dinner @ Ciacco Putia & Cucina

This will be a fixed menu dinner, so please do let me know ASAP if you have any allergies or special requirements

12AM - Onwards

Clubbing / Post-Dinner Plans TBD

(Depending on what will be the cool new place of the Summer 22 season)

Day 3

Sunday 24 July, 2022



Wake up whenever you want, check out from the hotel (you can leave the luggages) and have a stroll in the city centre or go to the beach



If you are at the beach, no pressure to come back for lunch. If you want to stroll and eat something, no pressure to sit down for lunch. If you want to eat something together, I will book a restaurant in the city centre for a late lunch, for whoever wants to join!


Leaving :(

Grab your luggages from the hotel, self-transfer to the airport and leave Sicily (until Adelina's next Bday? Who knows)